Industrial water reclamation

Industrial water reclamation

Water reclamation is one means of guaranteeing a sustainable supply in years to come. Closed, integrated water management systems with internal wastewater treatment allow a drastic reduction in the water consumption of production plants. In addition, the volume of wastewater, which is returned to the natural water cycle, is also reduced. Moreover, not only can an important contribution to water conservation be made, but also financial savings and the securing of the water supply can both be assured.

WABAG has already equipped industrial plants from a diversity of branches with resource- and cost-efficient water recycling systems. Our experts plan individual and optimised concepts for every operation using the company’s comprehensive process portfolio.

Biofiltration and membrane filtration represent key technologies for maximum resource protection and highly efficient wastewater recycling.

Selected references: Further information:
  • Ujams (Namibia)
    Industrial wastewater (5 different production facilities); 5,175 m3/d, reuse for irrigation or industrial water
  • Panipat (India)
    Refinery wastewater, 21,600 m3/d
    Product: boiler feed water
  • Smederevo (Serbia)
    Effluent from steelworks, 48,000 m3/d
    Product: cooling water
  • Baotou (China)
    Municipal wastewater, 40,000 m3/d
    Product: cooling water for power plant



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