Municipal water reuse

Municipal water reuse

Reuse of municipal wastewater

In addition to industrial companies, an increasing number of local government authorities are using modern water purification technologies, in order to reuse appropriately treated wastewater.

Around 70% of current, global water consumption is employed for agricultural purposes. This is an excellent reason for the employment of treated wastewater for irrigation, which conserves natural resources. Furthermore, the water can be more generally used in urban and rural areas for municipal purposes, e.g. the watering of green areas or street cleaning.

Drinking water can also be obtained from this additional source and WABAG has installed a unique wastewater treatment plant in Windhoek, Namibia, in order to secure the local water supply.

A further possibility is provided by the supply of industrial operations with process water from the run-off from municipal wastewater treatment plant.

WABAG can refer to long-term operational experience in this sector derived from the planning and completion of a series of plants.

Selected references: Further information:
  • Beixiaohe, Beijing (China)
    Municipal wastewater, 60,000 m3/d
    Service water for the Olympic Park
    Technologies: membrane bioreactor, reverse osmosis
  • Reghaia (Algeria)
    Municipal wastewater, 80,000 m3/d
    Agricultural irrigation
    Technologies: tertiary filtration, disinfection
  • Medinah (Saudi Arabia)
    Municipal wastewater, 240,000 m3/d
    Agricultural irrigation
    Technologies: tertiary filtration, UV disinfection
  • Baotou (China)
    Municipal wastewater, 40,000 m3/d
    Power station cooling water
    Technology: biofiltration


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