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Surface water

Surface water is comprised by water from rivers, reservoirs and lakes, i.e. all the water resources found on the surface of the earth’s landmasses.

Surface water is exposed to various natural and human influences. For this reason, it contains a diversity of dissolved or suspended materials, which are normally found in a variety of differing combinations. For this reason, multi-barrier systems are required, in order to produce high-quality drinking water and permit the problem-free use of treated water for a range of industrial applications.

Following intensive development work, in recent years WABAG has introduced numerous innovative processes for surface water treatment including WABAG filtration technology, advanced oxidation (ADOX® process) and membrane filtration.

Membrane technology is of growing importance for the removal of dissolved organic matter, micro-organisms and suspended solids, as well as drinking water softening and desalination. WABAG has successfully utilised membrane processes such as micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for surface water treatment.

WABAG has completed numerous surface water treatment plants with differing capacities in a range of countries. During the past decade, we have designed and built around 100 surface water treatment plants.

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