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Boiler feed water

In various industrial facilities, such as those in the field of power generation or the petrochemical industry, boiler plants are often the key component in the production process. Such plants need top quality water, in order to prevent dangerous scaling.

Boiler feed water is obtained from a wide range of raw water sources. The related treatment processes are tailor-made to match the respective raw water composition and the required boiler feed water quality.

Typical components in WABAG boiler feed water treatment processes are:

  • Systems for make-up water supplies, e.g. pre-treatment and demineralisation and silica removal (thermal or RO desalination and ion exchange) 
  • Systems for condensate treatment, e.g. with filtration, cation exchange and mixed bed filtration.
  • System components for mechanical, thermal and chemical degasification.

WABAG has vast experience in this specific field and has equipped many industrial plants with boiler feed water treatment systems. Highly respected companies such as Siemens and Lurgi, ABB, BASF as well as national power authorities like the CEZ in the Czech Republic, or TEAS in Turkey, number among our customers.

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