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BIOPUR® – Biofiltration

BIOPUR® – Biofiltration for wastewater treatment

Biofiltration numbers among the most advanced and efficient processes available for wastewater treatment. The degradation of the content of wastewater takes place using a bio-film, which is attached to a carrier material in an aerated filter bed.

Biofiltration is ideally suited to supplementation with additional process phases, the use of differing filter media facilitating the modification of the process to deal with various types of wastewater. Consequently, biofiltration applications can cover everything from municipal to industrial wastewater treatment, including process effluent.

The outstanding feature of WABAG’s BIOPUR® biofiltration is its use of structured packing and granulate as filter media. The availability of differing carrier materials allows the choice of the filtering process concept best suited to the prevailing requirements. Therefore, the BIOPUR® system represents a basis for cost-effective solutions, particularly where stringent purification requirements are involved (e.g. water reuse).

BIOPUR® advantages:

  • Compact design
  • Low pressure losses
  • Insensitivity to hydraulic peaks
  • High operational safety levels
  • High purification efficiency

WABAG has designed and installed around 60 wastewater plants using BIOPUR® technology for both the municipal and the industrial sectors.

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