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BIOZONE -AD®, Sludge Disintegration

The innovative BIOZONE-AD® process

WABAG has developed the innovative BIOZ

ONE-AD® process, in order to further enhance the efficiency of sewage sludge stabilisation. This method allows the extraction of 40% more methane from the sewage sludge than is possible with classic treatment processes and also results in a marked improvement in climate-friendly sewage sludge stabilisation.

BIOZONE-AD® supplements classic sludge stabilisation by an additional process step. Ozone is fed into the already stabilised sewage sludge, which leads to its oxidative digestion, i.e. the sludge can be reused biologically. The sludge treated in this manner is then returned to the digester tower, thus allowing the attainment of higher levels of degradation  than those provided by conventional processes.

The process allows for an increase in biogas yield by up to 40 percent as well as for further sludge hygienisation and a decrease in the sludge volume in order to save landfill space.

The first BIOZONE-AD® pilot plant was installed and operated in Shanghai/China in a project financed by the World Bank in recognition of the growing global significance of sludge treatment.

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