Performance range


Combination of ozonation & adsorption for the elimination of micropollutants:


  • Combination of chemical oxidation und adsorption.
  • Large broadband effect with regard to elimination of micropollutants.
  • During the use of powdered activated carbon, deep bed filtration serves both carbon retention and biological post-treatment.


  • The process combination results in high elimination rates for most micropollutants.
  • The possibility of operating cost optimisation.


  • When the wastewater matrix consists of a large number of organic micropollutants, e.g. owing to industrial wastewater.


» KomOzAk project, Austria: An industrial scale pilot plant for advanced wastewater treatment using ozone and
   with three differing post-treatment steps: Decay tanks, Granular activated carbon filter (GAC filter), biological activated filter
   and granulated activated carbon (GAC filter – on a semi-industrial scale). 
   Pilot plant capacity: max. 3,360 m3/d
   GAC unit capacity: max. 96 m3/d
   Start-up: 2013
   Operation: 24 months (2013-2015)

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