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BIOZONE-MP® – Ozonation for the elimination of micropollutants

The addition of ozone breaks up the complex compounds of the micropollutants, which thereby lose their harmful effect and can be subsequently partially degraded by biological means.


  • The chemical oxidation of the micropollutants, and above all, of aromatic compounds. The reactive products from ozonation are removed in a downstream, biological phase preferably by means of deep bed, bioactive filtration.


  • Municipal wastewater that does not contain substances representing a problem for ozonation (e.g. bromid)
  • In the case of high COD concentrations (selective oxidation)


  • Compact process, limited space requirement
  • Relatively low operating costs
  • Simple operation
  • Robust process
  • No formation of residuals
  • Extensive disinfection of the wastewater


» St. Pourcain-sur-Sioule WWTP, France: newly built treatment plant for municpal and industrial wastewater
   including Ozonation & filtration; 15.000 p.e., Start-up: 2013

» Reinach WWTP, Switzerland: New mechanical/biological treatment plant including Ozonation and deep bed filtration;
   35,400 m3/d, Start-up: 2016

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