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MVC – Mechanical Vapour Compression

Thermal Desalination – MVC – Mechanical Steam Compression

WABAG multi-effect distillation plants with mechanical vapour compression (MED-MVC) are used for the production of potable and industrial process water from sea- and brackish water.

The MVC desalination process functions like the MED-TVC process with the singular difference that the steam required for evaporation derives from an electric or diesel powered, mechanical steam compressor. Following recompression, the steam generated in the final effect is used to heat the first.

MVC represents an economic alternative in the evaporation technology sector for small and medium-sized plants in stand-alone operation.

The great advantage of this technology lies in the fact that it does not require cooling water, which means that complicated and cost-intensive feed installations are unnecessary. Therefore, MVC is also extremely suitable for inland applications such as the distillation of brackish water, industrial wastewater and reverse osmosis concentrate.

The ME-MVC process operates at low temperatures with high thermal efficiency, which leads to the following main advantages:

  • Reduced corrosion risk
  • Minimised scaling risk
  • Process stability
  • No need for external thermal energy

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