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Aerobic granular biomass technology. Biological treatment.

NEREDA® is an advanced technology for biological wastewater treatment based on the SBR-process, using the advantages of the aerobic granular biomass. Here, bacteria grow in a natural way in compact granules instead of flocs.

These granules show excellent settling properties and bring along many advantages: the biomass concentration in the reactor is very high, at the same time the sedimentation phase is very short. Furthermore, filling and clear water extraction can be done simultaneously. This leads to a very high biological performance and virtually the complete cycle time can be used for biological treatment. This means that reactor volumes are small and the space requirement is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, many biological processes are taking place at the same time within the compact granules: resulting in a high nitrogen and biological phosphor elimination and precipitant application is widely dispensable.


  • Compact plant with small footprint (around 50% compared to SBR)
  • Flexibility of a batch process (SBR)
  • High biological nutrient elimination
  • Proven and robust process with low resource consumption (energy, chemicals) and simple operation


  • Sarneraatal WWTP, Alpnach, Switzerland (65,000 PE) – under construction
  • Kloten-Opfikon WWTP, Switzerland (125,000 PE) – under construction



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