Performance range

UASB – Upstream Anaerobic Sludge Blanket

Maximum performance in minimum space

UASB – The leading technology worldwide
As a result of its share of the original patent rights to UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) technology, which was initially developed in the Dutch sugar industry, WABAG played a significant role in the market launch and development of this process.

Vast experience
WABAG can draw upon the experience and comprehensive know-how accumulated during the design and construction of numerous large-scale plants and is a leading supplier of efficient and economic system solutions using anaerobic treatment technology.

Contact sludge process – a classic solution with a fine track record
Some production wastewaters call for process conditions that UASB technology cannot provide. The optimum treatment technology for such waters is the an-OPUR process, a proven anaerobic activated sludge process.

The process
Prior to feeding into the anaerobic reactor, the wastewater is conditioned, in order to ensure optimised degradation in the reactor itself. This conditioned wastewater is fed to the reactor bottom via a special distribution system. This guarantees that the biomass in the anaerobic reactor remains unaffected. The wastewater passes the sludge blanket upstream and the anaerobic organisms convert the impurities contained in the wastewater into biogas. This gas is essential to the gentle mixing of the reactor, which eradicates the need for mechanical, agitating devices. A three-phase separation unit is installed in then reactor head, in order to keep the sludge in the reactor, while the biogas and the treated water leave the reactor separately.

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