The Company

WABAG Algeria


45, Avenue des Frères Abdelslami
DZ-Kouba-16006 Alger

Tel. +213 (21) 46 19 69
Fax +213 (21) 68 93 50


Executive management:

Tarek Benmouffok (CEO)
Brahim Bouzit (CFO)

Algeria has been a WABAG target market since the beginning of the 1980s and in the area of municipal water and wastewater treatment, numbers among the key regions of the WABAG Austria Group. The foundation of a Group company in Algeria has proven to be of advantage for the realisation of a number of contracts and the opening up of the major market potential available.

VA TECH WABAG Algeria, which is based in Kouba, Algiers, became operational in 2003 and since then has provided a strong local base that has supported WABAG Vienna during the completion and operational management of water and wastewater treatment plants across the country. Since entering the Algerian market, WABAG has completed over 20 plants. Moreover, in a trend that looks set to continue, especially in the municipal wastewater treatment plant sector, a growing number of projects are being carried out on a DBO (Design Build Operate) basis, which in addition to plant installation also requires competent plant management by a qualified operations team.

Selected references:

Wastewater treatment plants

  • Oran: DBO project for 1.5 million p.e. for the main sewage treatment plant in Oran; start of  commissioning in 2008
  • Baraki: Comprehensive modernisation of large-scale wastewater treatment plant for 900,000 p.e.;  DBO project with start in 2008
  • Reghaia: Water reuse at the Reghaia municipal wastewater treatment plant for 260,000 p.e.; start-up: 2008
  • Beni Messous:  Municipal wastewater treatment plant for 250,000 p.e., DBO-project, start-up: 2007
  • Batna: Municipal plant project for 230,000 p.e. in Batna; DBO-project, start-up: 2005

Drinking water treatment plants

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