Adana East, Wastewater Treatment, Adana, Turkey
Client:ASKI - Adana Metropolitan Municipality
Location:Adana, Turkey
Capacity:210,000 m3/d


  • Design, build and operate of a new mechanical/biological wastewater treatment plant including anaerobic sludge digestion for the city of Adana.


  • Pre-treatment: screening, degritting, primary clarification
  • Biological treatment: aeration, final clarification
  • Sludge treatment:
    • anaerobic digestion
    • dewatering
  • Energy recovery by bio-gas utilisation (thermal, electrical).
  • Design-build-operate project: Technical & commercial operational plant management.
  • Adana West WWTP: A similar plant has been built simultaneously in the western part of the city of Adana with a capacity of 250,000 m3/d and start-up in 2003.
Adana East 1
Adana East2