Al Ghubra, Desalination (SWRO), Muscat, Oman
Client:Muscat City Desalination Company SAOG (MCDC)
Location:Muscat, Oman
Capacity:191,000 m3/d


  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) based sea water desalination plant to deliver 191,000 m3/day desalinated water. 
  • The plant converts sea water into fresh potable water which is supplied to Muscat region
  • Largest drinking water treatment plant in Oman

Main process steps:

  • Screened sea water received from a depth of 8.5 Mtrs and distance of 1.65 km offshore through subsea pipe.
  • Pre-treatment by a combination of Dissolved Air Floatation and Dual Media Pressure Sand Filter for treating red tide, O&G, suspended solids and organic remains.
  • Inline connection from pre-treatment to Cartridge filters and SWRO.
  • Split partial first pass SWRO for optimal energy consumption.
  • Second pass BWRO skids to achieve the boron limit in the outlet.
  • Energy recovery device in the first pass of SWRO.
  • Re-mineralization with lime & CO2 for post-treatment to potable water standards.