Baraki, Wastewater Treatment, Algier, Algeria
Client:DHW Algier
Location:Algier, Algeria
Capacity:150,000 m3/d
900,000 p.e.


  • Baraki is Algier’s main wastewater treatment plant and the second largest facility of its type in the country. The WWTP was built in 1990 and after 5 years of operation was decommissioned and more than 10 years out of operation.
  • WABAG was entrusted with the comprehensive revitalisation of the existing wastewater treatment plant including sludge treatment and associated pumping stations.
  • The scope of WABAG included the review and analysis of the existing plant, disassembling and refurbishment of existing constructions, equipment supply, installation and commissioning as well as operations & maintenance for 2 years (DBO).


  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Biological treatment with activated sludge process
  • Sludge treatment: two stage anaerobic sludge digestion and dewatering.


WEB_Baraki overview
WEB_Baraki Juli 2009_streetview