Beijing/Beixiaohe WWTP, Water Reclamation Plant, China
Client:Beijing - Beixiaohe WWTP
Capacity:60,000 m3/d


  • WABAG-design for one of the world´s largest MBR plants. WABAG in a consortium with Siemens has been awarded the order for the wastewater reclamation plant in Bejing. The design of the large-scale membrane bioreactor plant was provided by WABAG. The treatment plant employs membrane technology in tandem with partial desalination using reverse osmosis. The treated wastewater is utilised for irrigation and feeding artificial ponds and fountains in the Olympic Park of Beijing.


  • Coarse screen
  • Inlet pumping station
  • Grit removal
  • Fine screen (sieving)
  • Biological treatment (anaerobic – denitrification – nitrification stage)
  • Membrane treatment
  • RO system for partial stream
  • UV disinfection
  • Chlorination
  • Treated water pumping station


Beixiaohe aussen1
Beixiaohe Membranracks