Jamnagar, Wastewater Recycling, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Client:Reliance Petroleum Limited
Location:Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Capacity:48,000 m3/d


  • Industrial wastewater treatment and reclamation plant for refinery effluent.
  • The wastewater treatment plant in Jamnagar has a capacity of 48,000 m³ per day and is the largest plant of its kind in Asia. It serves to purify the chemical-physical and biological wastewater at India’s largest petrochemical refining plant.


  • 100 % effluent recycling for the petrochemicals industry.
  • Wastewater treatment is performed in three separate, identical lines, two of which serve to treat wastewater containing low total dissolved solids while the third one treats water containing high total dissolved solids. The LTDS wastewater flow contains a mixture of process residues and oil condensates as well as chlorides. The process water recovered is used for cooling and fire fighting. The HDTS wastewater flow mainly contains salts and, having been purified, is also fed to the cooling water circuit. In various process stages critical components such as nitrates, phosphates, phenols and cyanides are separated from the contaminated water. At the end of the process, activated carbon filters are used to optimise the degree of purity of the water following chemical-physical and biological treatments:
    • Oil separation in API & DAF
    • Equalization
    • Two stabe bio-treatment in bio-tower followed by activated sludge plant
    • Sand filtration
    • Activated carbon filtration.
    • Chlorine disinfection.
    • Slop oil treatment
    • Oily sludge thickening and bio-sludge dewatering in belt filter press