Kayseri, Wastewater treatment plant, Turkey
Client:Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Directorate (KASKI)
Capacity:800,000 p.e.


  • Turn-key installation of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.
  • The biological treatment plant employs mechanical pre-treatment and activated sludge process including nitrogen and phosphorus removal along with carbon removal. The treated water output from the plant is discharged into the Karasu river. The effluent water quality meets all standards of the European Union.
  • The plant includes the treatment of sewage sludge:
    • aerobic and anaerobic sludge digestion
    • sludge thickening
    • mechanical dewatering
  • Energy recovery by bio-gas utilisation (thermal, electrical) – CHP unit.
  • The plant serves 800.000 p.e. at present and is designed to have a capacity of 1,600,000 p.e. in its final version.