Kleylehof, Denitrification Plant, Austria
Client:WLV Nördliches Burgenland
Capacity:3,450 m3/d


  • Installation of a water treatment plant for the denitrification of ground water at the Kleylehof well in Eastern Austria.
  • Initial installation of a full-scale plant using the WABAG ENR® electrodialytical process, largest plant in the CEE region. The plant was designed for a hydraulic capacity of 40 l/s with three hydraulic stages and a maximum of 160 mg NO3/l in the raw water. The plant is remote controlled and works fully automatically. When the plant was started the nitrate content in the raw water was 120 mg NO3/l.
  • At maximum applicable desalination a nitrate concentration of as low as 25 mg NO3/l was achievable.
  • At the same time the hardness of the drinking water was reduced by approx 25%.