PETRONAS - RAPID, Pengerang, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Johor, Malaysia
Client:PRPC Utilities and Facilities Sdn.Bhd
Location:Johor, Malaysia
Capacity:103,000 m3/d


State-of-the-art treatment system for the new Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) project of PETRONAS in Pengerang, Johor Malaysia. The aim ist the reduction of the pollution in the aqueous effluents of the complex to below the regulatory discharge limits. Run-off water and effluents from all sources in RAPID, as well as Cogen Plant are collected and segregated so that specific treatment can be applied. In total seven various types of wastewater with a total volume of roughly 103,000 m3/d will be purified, followed by sludge and VOC treatment.

Main effluent streams:
Accidentally oil contaminated water (AOC)
Accidentally chemically contaminated water (ACC)
Fire fighting water run-off (FWR)
Continuously oily contaminated water (COC)
Process wastewater from refinery, steam cracker complex and Petchem units (PW)
Utilities effluents (UE)
Sanitary wastewater (SWW)

Effluent Treatment Plant comprises various units and processes to treat such pollutants like Wet Air Oxidation, Oil Separation units, Biotower, Biological reactors and self-cleaning filters to reach the desired regulatory limits. VOC-treatment and sludge treatment (thickening, dewatering, drying) round off the ETP.