Putatan WTP, Water Treatment Plant, Metro Manila, Philippines
Client:Maynilad Water Services Inc
Location:Metro Manila, Philippines
Capacity:150,000 m3/d


  • Extension and upgrade of the process technology of  drinking water treatment plant
  • Employment of DAF, BAF and ultrafiltration system for additional 50,000 m3/d
  • Raw water is sourced from the Laguna lake showing high levels of turbidity, ammonia, organics, manganese, algae together with rapid fluctuation parameters
  • Scope:
    • Process review
    • Design
    • Procurement
    • Construction
    • Installation
    • Commissioning

Process steps

  • Raw Water Pumping Station
  • Dissolved Air Filtration (DAF)
  • Biological Aerated Filtration (BAF – WABAG System) including innovative drainage filter system.
  • Ultrafiltration for additional 50,000 m3/d