ISKI Wastewater Management, Istanbul, Turkey
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Capacity:980,000 m3/d


24-7 management of the wastewater from 16 million inhabitants:

The İstanbul Water and Sewerage Corporation (ISKI) has commissioned WABAG with the wastewater management of the entire Asian and European districts of the city on two continents:

Maintaining a network of over 120 units    
– 9 pre-treatment plants:  4,200,000 m3/d
– 52 biological wastewater treatment plants: 980,000 m3/d
– 64 pumping stations: 2,300,000 m3/d

3 main WWTPs clean the bulk of the city’s wastewater volume based on energy-optimized designs:
– Tuzla WWTP:    250,000 m3/d  Co-generation: 2 x 4,600 kW
– Paşaköy WWTP: 200,000 m3/d  Co-generation: 4,600 kW
– Ataköy WWTP: 400,000 m3/d  Co-generation: 9,200 kW

The anaerobic sludge treatment systems allow the use of biogas for energy generation purposes, providing a total output of 23 MW.

O&M period: 24 months
O&M start: 1.9.2014